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"For those who believe that cars are beyond metal..."

Join us in the search for Malaysia's 


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What is the concept of carspotting exactly? Where were our local origins when it comes to media related automotive appreciation?


Today, we interview one of the OGs of the community, who managed to make something out of himself from this niche culture in Malaysia.


Surprised to know that you could actually make a career out of carspotting? Listen on, it could be you next.


#CSOTY23 interviews: Qhalis Najmi.

The hunt is on. Do you think you have what it takes to be our CSOTY23?

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"A little recognition goes a long way."

Being in an automotive business that supplies high-end exotic cars for many years, we have noticed quite a number of younger, enthusiastic individuals keen on catching what goes through our doors.

Be it the latest limited-run models from Ferrari, or the classics of Lamborghini, these youngsters are hungry to get a glimpse on what we have in store, and would do anything to get up close and personal.

These individuals can carry many hidden talents, specifically in photography, videography, or maybe even copywriting. Regardless of whichever it may be, every single one of them carries a story that has yet to be told. An unheard passion that rightfully deserves to be shared in the car community.

Today, those stories will finally see the light of day.

One Corsa is proud to announce the first ever CarSpotter Of the Year 2023. The awards will celebrate eight selected individuals who are advanced in special fields of their own. Of course, these individuals have not been selected yet. The winners will be judged over a period of 16 weeks from the 25th of February, with recognition for each week for who has the best spot.

Interested in taking part? Don't worry, everyone already is.

Want your photos to be recognized?

Look no further, here is your chance to finally shine.

Once the period is over, the nominees will be shortlisted and handed to our curated panel of judges. The panel is made up of icons both in the car community, and legends in the carspotting field. They will decide who the selected eight individuals will be, and the winners will be announced at a very special awards ceremony held to celebrate the photography, and automotive groups alike. 

As well as recognizing the talent, and their achievements in the growing public, the CarSpotter Of the Year 2023 Awards will help catalyse their impact moving forwards. Be it through personal content creation and expansion, to connections in our ever expanding car community.

Nominations end on the 10th of June.

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