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CSOTY returns for another season in 2024. Here's what you need to know.


We're back.

and better than ever.

We all remember the first trigger that made us an enthusiast. Either it’s from a movie about talking cars, action packed robots or watching three guys bicker and pick on each other while they road trip across the globe.


Everyone has their fond memories of growing up - seeing a car and promise themselves, one day.


These days, thanks to modern technology, expressing the passion for these machines are as easy as pressing a button, but we wanted to put the spotlight on those who believe in doing beyond that.

This one's for you.

Being an enthusiast of anything is only as exciting as the people within. Thanks to the endless support from the previous season, we are looking at a competition with many new faces onboard.

Along with returning spotters, we’re seeing a contest spanning of over a hundred of new competitors, all eagerly showing off new skills to the table.

Of course - the winners of last year are still in the run for the title, the question of if they will be able to defend it is up to them. CSOTY24 this year is looking for spotters who are unique to their expressions, and are able to express their passions in a way that stands out from the others.

This year, OneCorsa is eager to offer the community higher stakes to duke out the winning prizes. Monthly contests to keep you glued for updates, and access to some of the hottest cars on the planet. For 2024, we want you to show the world what makes an enthusiast, what defines pure, unbounded passion - in any form you desire. Be it in photos, videos, animations or any further level imaginable.

The official launch of the contest will reveal the prizes on offer soon, along with the sub-categories and further details. So keep your eyes peeled for those.


2024 will be the year of creativity, and expression of passion,

And so it begins.

On behalf of ourselves, we thank you for supporting not just Carspotter of the Year 2024 by OneCorsa, but also in hand it supports the community within.


Passion is something we take seriously within the doors of our collection, and we have a strong belief that a little dedication can come a long way in building a career around the cars we adore.

So with this, we would like to welcome the new faces of this contest aboard, and to those who competed last year, welcome back, and happy hunting.

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