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Loud, soulful V8's are synonymous to crimson red Italians. But as we reach the dawn of a new age, Ferrari's final V8 flourish gets the highest responsibility to carry the flame, and the best source of inspiration.



errari. A name synonymous with three things. Winning races. Killer engines. Jaw dropping supercars.

Nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

NotNothing more, and definitely nothing less.hing more, and definitely nothing less.

That was something punishable with death by Tifosi for the prancing horse. 

Speaking of one of those three factors, their engines were one of the very things Ferrari aficionados were infatuated about. How they purr and hum when they idle. How they snap and sing with every high-revving gear shift. Ferrari engines were the stuff of magic, no doubt. It was witchcraft alright. But as symphonic as they go, the one magic trick their naturally aspirated engines couldn't perform, was immortality. 

Tech only moves in one direction.

As much as we love powerful N/A engines, sometimes the wisest way to get more power is with a little bit of assistance. This goes without saying, this decision inculded alot of angry Italian engineers and designers voicing their disapproval. But it was either this or that, and at the end of the day...

"If it means keeping our V8's alive for a little longer, we're in."

- Italian Man, Road & Track Magazine

Therefore the beloved prancing horse lives to sing once more, but all this fuss back in 2015 with the 488 raised a few eyebrows within the purest of Tifosi's residences.

Since one of the most legendary cars from Ferrari was also turbocharged.

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B for Built.

Ferrari's adventures in turbocharging came all the way from 1984 when they had a strong desire for the legendary Group B racing series.

Homologation forced the prancing horses to make no less than 200 units of their racing cars in road-going form. The end result? The racing series never came to light, but an entire generation of legendary automotive zeniths were born. 

One of them, was the F40.

Today, that legend lives on.

As we fly further into the future, another generation of performance assistance lays in the horizon.

Sure, the engines lost natural aspiration, but the power gain from a smaller displacement with just dual turbocharging was the work of a genius. The cars that came forth gave birth to other icons, all of which cemented our love for the prancing horse even more (We're looking at you, Pista).

And with the Tributo, just like it's name, carried the flames of passion all way from those Group B days like it was meant to be. Whatever Ferrari has coming, we think they'll do just fine. Better even.

o, how did this generation of mid-range Ferrari's fare?

Was the change in direction from the 458 a good idea?

"Yes, it absolutely was."


The Ferrari F8 Tributo.

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