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There are many models which carry the letter ‘L’ in their badging, and on closer inspection, you’ll notice that they are actually a tad bit longer than usual.

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(or Long Wheelbase)

If you’re in the luxury car market for a while now, you may have been noticing these distinct badges on certain luxury vehicles. 

It could be a full ‘LWB’ in the nameplate or just a simple L. Do not confuse these for a badging for ‘luxury’ however.

No, it doesn't mean a luxury version for the models they are based on are more than luxurious already. The L means long, or more correctly long-wheelbase.

Selected manufacturers take their luxury big sedans and stretch the wheelbase to create a long-wheelbase (LWB) model featuring enormous back-seat leg room. We're not talking about the almost-comical stretched limos here; they are custom modified. The cars we look at here are off the manufacturers' production line and can be ordered by any buyer at the dealer's local showroom. Any buyer with enough dollars, that is.

 Historically used to describe grand-touring cars, the term LWB is now more commonly associated with increased rear passenger space and premium luxury features. In the case of Land Rover, LWB is a specific body style available on top-of-the-line Range Rover models, which adds 7.3 inches of rear legroom over the standard wheelbase models.

For Land Rover, it began in 1992.

Range Rover started off with the Range Rover County LWB, Land Rover has been building long wheelbase SUVs under its Range Rover marque for over 25 years.

Land Rover now produces three long wheelbase Range Rover models; the Range Rover Supercharged LWB, the top-of-the-line Range Rover SVAutobiography LWB. And ours featured here - the Range Rover Autobiography LWB.

Initially, these vehicles were often custom-built for royalty, dignitaries, and the wealthy elite who desired extra legroom and luxury amenities. Now built from factory, these long wheelbase models feature premium leather upholstery, upgraded Meridian sound systems and 7.3 inches of added legroom. Easily available for members of the public.

There is an interesting trend in one of the largest luxury car markets on the planet. There are many models which carry the letter ‘L’ in their badging.

The Chinese car market love long wheelbase (LWB) cars, so much so that carmakers have been developing them specifically just for them - and most of the models offered are not available anywhere else.

Once upon a time, these long wheelbase models were restricted to higher end luxury brands, namely models like the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. But in recent years, the ‘L’ trend has started to reach downwards, with even smaller cars getting the LWB treatment. For instance, Mercedes-Benz offers LWB versions of their C-Class, and likewise BMW with their 3 Series, and Audi with the A4. Even the newly-launched Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon has been lengthened for China, in what is probably a sign of things to come for this particular trend.

Even the mainstream brands are getting in on the act, with Peugeot recently unveiling its 508L executive sedan for the Chinese market. Volkswagen too, with their mind-boggling line-up of cars in China, offer a whole range of ‘L’ versions of their numerous Chinese saloons, from the Passat to the Jetta, and everything else in between.

But perhaps more tellingly, the ‘L’ trend is now expanding beyond just saloons now, and is now spreading to that hot-selling genre that everybody likes: SUVs. Mercedes-Benz now offers a LWB version of their hugely-popular GLC, while Volkswagen too is getting in on the act, with its new Tiguan L. It probably won’t be long before most of the popular SUVs we know and recognise will get an equivalent LWB version in China; it’s just a matter of time.


The surge in popularity.

The LWB trend is simply a matter of cultural tastes and preferences. The largest car market in the world currently, is shifting a preference change. Often obsessed with image, an extended car is the perfect status symbol. And with more demand, comes more cars with the ‘L’ badge on the back of it, and longer doors on the side.

Luckily on this side of the globe, access to some of the best cars the world can offer are taken care of. No worries on inavailability or exclusive markets thanks to our ability to source unique cars officially from distributors worldwide. Our Range Rover Autobiography LWB is an official unit from Land Rover UK, and is readily available at any given time. 

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