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In celebration of Ferrari's 'holy grail' of racing cars, we bring you a tribute to the 250 GTO

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Let dreams take shape.

It started with a vision. A sculpture that embodies the passion of enthusiastic Ferrari fans that carry the raging flame within their souls.

We took months to decide on what shape should such a craft take? - Many have gone through our choices, Enzo, F40, F50, racing cars, homologation specials. Despite all of them proudly bearing the prancing horse badge with absolute ease, there is only one car is agreement that truly embodied Ferrari's ancestral racing heritage. 

The 250 GTO.

The Ferrari 250 GTO. Just saying those words ignites a spark in the hearts of petrolheads worldwide. It's not a car; it's an automotive deity, a shrine on wheels. It looks like the lovechild of a Greek god and a svelte Italian supermodel. The curves, the lines, it's a design that time couldn't dare to tarnish.

And tarnish, time did not. The 250 GTO makes headline news on a yearly basis, each time raking higher auction values than the one before, and of the time of writing, recently raked an eye-watering US$51,705,000.00.

Imagine a time when motorsport was pure, unadulterated adrenaline; the 250 GTO was the apex predator on those tracks.

Working together with local artists and sculptors, our extensive research and development costs hundreds, almost thousands of man-hours to perfect every last detail, from it's iconic 'anteater' snout, to the three signature nostrils on the front.

The finished product is aimed to give it a minimalistic look, as if a silk cloth were to be draped over the iconic shape of the 250 GTO.

The result is a blank canvas for Ferrari owners, aficionados, tifosis and all automotive enthusiasts to paint their own passionate expressions of Ferrari's most famous craft.

Presented on a cold marble bed, 'La Fiamma Rossa stands out as a solid symbol, and a testament to pure passion,  Every example is adorned with an individualized flourish, meticulously crafted, bearing a one-of-a-kind touch that is exclusively yours.

IOne of our own known 

Exclusivity is synonymous to the Prancing Horse, That is why with a limited-run of just 99 pieces will be produced for 'La Fiamma Rossa'. After that, they will cease production, and no more will come after, 

In the '60s, this Prancing Horse wasn't just a symbol of status; it was a weapon wielded by racing gods. It stormed onto the scene and claimed victories like a king asserting its dominance. From the grueling endurance races at Le Mans to the twisty circuits of Targa Florio, the 250 GTO was a force to be reckoned with.

Think about the 1962 Le Mans 24-hour race, where it clinched a class win and secured second place overall. Picture it at the Tour de France Automobile, not the cycling event, mind you, but a brutal race across France where it asserted its dominance, claiming multiple victories.

And the famed Nürburgring? The 250 GTO conquered that formidable track, showcasing its prowess in the most challenging conditions. It wasn't just about speed; it was about finesse, control, and the symphony of performance elements orchestrated into a seamless ballet of racing perfection.

What's truly remarkable is how versatile it was. It didn't just excel in one specific type of race; it conquered a myriad of tracks and terrains, proving its mettle time and time again. It was the darling of endurance races, the darling of GT championships, and a machine that pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in motorsport.

The Ferrari 250 GTO wasn't just a participant; it was a colossus. Its victories weren't just wins; they were statements—a declaration of Ferrari's dominance and a testament to the engineering brilliance of that era.

We are eager to further share on this exciting art-piece in the coming future, stay alert for updates on the development of our masterpiece, with OneCorsa.

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